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Lantern Events

Streetwise provide lantern workshops in schools and and co-ordinate lantern events throughout Ireland - these include Lisburn’s Christmas parade, Larne Christmas parade, Longford Dead of Night Festival and Ballymena Christmas Lights.


These can be themed for Halloween or Christmas and can also include costuming.


This could be incorporated into any Halloween or Christmas event. 

Lantern Making

There are many benefits in having a Lantern Event
Lanterns make the event child focused with primary children at the centre.
Lanterns are made in advance in schools enabling pre event publicity.
Lanterns are hung in the schools to publicised the up coming event.
Lanterns are all lit with LED lights making them effective in street lighting as well as safe to use.
Large numbers of children 120/180 can be accommodated in school groups of 30 enabling a wide range of different school groups to participate.
Lanterns can be used on their own or as part of a larger carnival style event.


Christmas Lantern Parades

Costuming for Christmas events can include Victorian style top hat and tails, hooped dresses and bonnets, urchins with flat caps and waist coats.

Also a nativity theme including Angels, Kings, Shepherds, elves and fairies.


Halloween Lantern Parades

Halloween lanterns make a great focal point for a Halloween Parade, often accompanied by streetwise performers or even our stilt walking samba band in skeleton costumes.


Lantern Designs

Here are some of the different designs of Lantern that we make with the children.


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