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Street Shows

Streetwise Performance present some of the most experienced street performers in Ireland. Click on each act to find out more about what they can bring to your event.

Two of Ireland's top street entertainers bring their unique talents together in this street circus show with a comic display of juggling, unicycling, fire juggling and ladder balancing.

The sharp dressed men are a double act featuring the talents of Glenn and Logy, performing amazing object manipulation, high flung diabolo tricks, thundering whip cracking, dangerous juggling and a fiery finale. Click here for further details.

Jim performs his Solo Show, combining all the elements of Circus, including

Fire Juggling, 8ft Unicycle , Ladder Balancing , suitable for the whole family, clowning around and lots of audience participation all accompanied by a PA System. Click here for further details.

A high energy slap stick comedy juggling show for the whole family. Click here for further details

A double act consisting of the kilted Dr Nick and Mr Logy Danger Lockhart the Two Flaming Idiots are a fun filled family friendly show that is full of Danger, Stupidity and stupidly dangerous stuff. Click here for further details.

From Cabaret to Street Show let Sideshow Ramone capture you with his breathtaking sword swallowing skills and his juggling and cigar box tricks all set to music. Click here for further details

The Mac Factor (aka Paul Mac) is a fantastic virtuoso of street performing. He will wow all with his ferocious energy and endearing, charasmatic wit. 

He will amaze with his ball and hat juggling, not to mention his stunning diabolo skills and other feats of wonder. Click here for further details.

Dr Nick's solo street show is a brilliant mix of high energy unicycling, tantalisingly dangerous fire juggling, awe-inspiring plate spinning and masses of audience participation - All stuck together with Dr Nick's own brand of comedy glue. Click here for further details

Bob the juggler has performed as part of long running double act Babcock and Bobbins for nearly 20 years!

In this solo show Bob is looking to bring more colour in to people's lives by making the audience the stars of the show! Click here for further details

In addition to being one half of the sharp dressed men and one of the two flaming idiots, Logy is an International street performer in his own right and takes on many different guises. Click here for more details

I used to dream of rocket ships !

In this brand new show, for all the family, Jitterbug reminds us all its never too late to reach for those stars and realise our own dreams and ambitions.

Click here for further details

When Mr H enters town, the comedy door swings open. Enjoy the crazy antics of this silent clown as he grapples with everyday objects, attempting to turn the world inside out and upside down. Click here for further details

Other Acts

Streetwise Performance also has other acts available, including bed of nails, trapeze and magic acts. Please call to check availability.

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